Search Engine Registration

Okay, so you've got your web site up. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for people to flock to your web site, Right? Wrong! What? They're not flocking?

The reason many businesses are not making money on the Internet or at least not making as much as they could, is because interested prospects can't find them online. Right now as never before, the Internet is loaded with millions of users. That means millions of websites. So, how can customers find your products or services on the Net? By using Search Engines.

Search Engines are the best places to find information and, for a company, the most effective place to market a business online. Why?

Because everyone uses the Search Engines to find information. An online marketing company estimates that 80% of the visitors to your site will arrive there as the result of a search. They can generate unbelievable traffic to your web site. Once someone locates your web site using a Search Engine, they're a more qualified prospect and will be more likely to spend money.

But simply being registered with the Search Engines doesn't necessarily mean people will be able to find you. Your online business is competing with thousands, maybe even millions of others in the same category. And each Search Engine is a separate company with their own search criteria. And to make matters even more complicated, the Search Engines are changing that criteria on a continual basis to keep their engines and indexes "pure". That means so you won't get wise to their criteria and be able to "fool" it.

That's where America's Link can help. We study these Search Engines and their criteria on an ongoing basis. We are right up with them, step-by-step, with each change they make. We know what kind of code is necessary to build into your website, how frequent to repeat keywords, how much is "too much" and will get your site tossed out as "spam", all the tricks to help improve your ranking. Give us a call and let's discuss how America's Link can help your company do more business on the Web.